the purest

by - January 09, 2018

Most recently, i received a compliment,
But not of regular ordinance.
it wasn’t, you’re pretty, or
i wish i was like you.
and even though at first it sounded shallow,
i realized that it was one of the purest compliments, i could ever receive.
it’s not because he doesn’t think i’m pretty, i know he does.
but I believe it is because he knows that it’s so much more
than merely what i look like on the outside.
he says, i am attracted to your heart for jesus.
and at first, i feel like i’m supposed to be offended because it’s not the usual,
it’s not about my body, what i wear, or how i appear,
but rather this compliment,
it goes so much deeper, and i realize how it refreshes the soul.
it’s an compliment for something that only God could do in me.
and nothing could ever be
more pure than that. 

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  1. That is a beautiful comment, oh my shish kebabs. <3 <3 <3 And he's not lying-- you do have such a pure heart for Jesus, one of the purest I know on the blogsosphere. ^.^

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. oh my goodness. this honestly made me tear up. thank. you. so. much. ❤️ It's so good to hear!

  2. This is the highest compliment a guy could ever give a girl.
    Be blessed. <3

    1. seriously. I feel really humbled.

  3. That is so beautiful!! Best. Compliment. Ever.

  4. Love this <3 at first it doesn't seem like the best compliment ever, but it's so deep and meaningful... what a great compliment to get from someone!

    1. Yes!! I am so grateful. Thanks for your comment <3

  5. Aw <3 I love compliments like those. Things you actually have some control over. You are a follower of Christ -- that's a choice you made. And so He works in you, and if a guy can see that ... man, keep him! :D

    1. I'm so grateful that the fruit of the Holy Spirit's work in my life is showing...he's a good friend I'll keep around for sure!

  6. That's the best compliment ever... to have the evidence of Christ's work in your life showing like that!