ten years later

by - April 10, 2018

In May 2008, my entire extended family was able to take a week long vacation to Orlando, where we stayed in a resort called Liki Tiki Village to celebrate my grandparent’s 40th wedding anniversary. I was only 8 at the time, so I can only remember bits and pieces of the experience, but I remember that the childhood trip that included Disney was one of my favorites, one that I remember most vividly from when I was young.

This past week of April, 2018, my family was able to embark on another week long vacation to Orlando together, two of my older cousins’ being absent due to college and work. It was bittersweet for me since it’s my last spring break in high school, but it was a trip that I know I will cherish for forever. I will actually vividly remember this trip since I’m older now, and the relationship that I have with the people who went has also grown deeper as I’ve matured. We went to Universal Studios for the first time ever in my lifetime, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The beach is a must if you’re that close to the coast, so we went to Cocoa beach for a day, where I ended up getting super burnt.
This week was a great experience not only because of the fun I had, but also because of the things I was reminded of. My patience was tested in lines, crowds, traffic jams, and seeing the same people all day everyday for seven days straight. My desire for control was given up as I was forced to go with the flow on theme park plans and also riding in the airplane, something that can give me anxiety since I don’t have control of it nor a good knowledge of the things associated with flying.

This past week was one that I treasure deeply, the saying that sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory proving true in this situation. Going off to college soon is obviously going to be a huge change in my life, being hours away from my family, so all of the memories that I’m making with them right now are quite important to me.  

What has been your favorite vacation of all time? 

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